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  About Us

SEO Expert PDQ uses the editorial "We" throughout the pages, but it is really about me and my own expertise in optimizing websites for high rankings (yes, that is me below and a younger, better looking version of me from past years above). I've been online and optimizing websites for the search engines since 1999.

My philosophy is that search engine optimization is as much as art as it is a science. There is no cookie cutter approach that fits all websites. With search engine algorithms changing every month or so it's a field which is dynamic and growing. Your SEO needs to be on top of all changes at all times so minor adjustments can be made in order to keep you at the top of the rankings.

With that said, I optimize websites for a flat fee and no monthly charge unless the client specifically asks for it. When do clients ask for this? Sometimes clients request a link-building campaign to extend over several month's time and for this I charge a low, per month fee. Otherwise, it's a one-shot deal, where I optimize a website for a flat fee and then follow up with reports to show my clients how their websites are progressing in the search engine rankings.

Sometimes, when a year or so has passed some of my clients will come back to me for a few web page tweaks (for a low fee) to help perk up performance a bit. Clients find that when they turn to me for SEO it's a much better deal for their pocketbooks than to continually pay for pay-per-click campaigns through the major search engines.

My search engine optimization websites are represented in the top SEO organizations such as, and In addition, I'm active in the online communities of the top SEO message boards as well.

If you have any questions on my services or would like a free quote drop send me an email through my Contact Us page. Note that SEO Expert PDQ is one of several search engine optimization websites owned by


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