Google Logo Now 20-Percent Brighter Without Bleach

By now you’ve most likely noticed that the Google logo is now 20-percent brighter without using any kind of Internet bleach. It must be challenging for Google to keep its homepage clean and free of clutter and at the same time update its product to keep up with the times.

Marissa Mayer, Vice President, Search Products & User Experience, has been around since 1999 making sure the homepage of Google stays clean and yet is user friendly. The Google logo may change depending upon what special holiday is upon us or someone famous is having an important birthday but then it snaps back to the old logo again.

Along with Google’s new brighter and more colorful logo they have actually introduced a bit of clutter on their results pages. Now, when you do a Google search there is a bit of real estate taken up on the left side for a tab that says, “Everything” with a More below it and a tab that says “All Results” with a More Search Tools underneath it.

Google is attempting to give searchers more choices on how to search, putting a more powerful choice at one’s fingertips. Yahoo found out that when given more choices users tend to stay on the website longer and report a better overall experience.

It’s a fine line that Google is treading. One the one hand what makes it so attractive is the lack of clutter and the superior organic results it delivers. On the other hand, some people will want more powerful tools and options.

My hope is that Google stops the clutter creep. One of the original reasons people turned to Google in the first place is that Yahoo and other search engines websites were too crowded other information. Yes, I’m old school and prefer the Original Recipe Google to the Extra Crispy version.

2 Responses to “Google Logo Now 20-Percent Brighter Without Bleach”

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