What Would Google Do?

I recently took a look at this humorous t-shirts page, number 77 to be exact that says, “WWGD – What Would Google Do?” This got me to pondering how some people treat Google as if it were the “God of the Internet”, sort of like this almighty being that lives in cyberspace and passes judgment on which businesses succeed and which fail.

But, then I started thinking that if I were Google, what would I do? This is not as easy as it sounds. I just watched a video (I can’t recall where) of Matt Cutts stating that Page Rank was not all that important and that Google has over 200 other pieces to its ranking algorithm that helps it rank pages accordingly.

So, if I were Google and wanted to thwart the spammers, keep the SEOs off-balance and generally deliver excellent rankings I would take a few steps. Here is some of what I would do:

• Deliver inaccurate or incomplete results in the green PR bar of the Google Toolbar. This section is given too much weight anyway by the community, so what is the motivation to keep it accurate?
• Since there are only so many tools in the bucket in which to use to rank a page (on-page and off-page) I would periodically place some of these tools outside the bucket such as devaluing the weight some directories or social media sites. Or another idea is to devalue the sites for a while, hide the PR and then silently add them back into the algorithm.
• In addition, since there are only so many tools in the toolbox I would periodically swap the priority of the tools in order to keep those who wish to manipulate the rankings off-balance.

Anyway, those are my top 3 WWGD ideas. What would you do?

One Response to “What Would Google Do?”

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