LocalAdLink Complements SEO Services

LocalAdLink, which is a new and upcoming local ad search network, featuring over 200 high traffic websites and search engines is set to rollout to the public in a couple of weeks. SEO’s need to take notice and this can be considered a complimentary service that many optimizers can offer current and future customers.

LocalAdLink may not be a Google killer, but what it does offer is a broad reach that includes Google, Yahoo, Myspace, Facebook and even Boomj, which is owned by the mother company of LocalAdLink, Beyond Commerce. The mother ship also owns iSupply.com as well.

LocalAdLink is a zip code and IP address localized search appliance that includes the main website, LocalAdLink.com as well as the network of high traffic websites previously mentioned. This network also includes some specialty high traffic websites like Rollingstone.com and WallStreetJournal.com.

The reason why LocalAdLink doesn’t compete with SEO is that most of the LocalAdLink results show up in the paid listings of Google and Yahoo (competing somewhat with SEM’s not SEO’s) or for long-tail searches that can’t really compete with well optimized websites.

What LocalAdLink does well is offer customers of SEO’s a low-cost alternative. Some localized small businesses can’t afford thousands of dollars of upfront costs for SEO. So, for around $50 a month, the SEO can offer LocalAdLink to customers who need local Web traffic, yet without the steep bill.

Another advantage of LocalAdLink is that small businesses don’t even need their own website in order to have an online presence. This means they don’t have to hire web designers, web programmers and others just to get online and maintain their websites.

The advantage for many SEO’s is that they can offer both services at once. They can optimize a website for the customer and instead of costly PPC in the near term, they can offer LocalAdLink for customers that just can’t wait until the SEO kicks in and starts to generate revenue for the business.

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