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  Dofollow Tag You're It

There has been a big movement recently in the blogger community about using the dofollow tag instead of the nofollow tag. The nofollow tag attribute was started by Google and agreed upon by Yahoo and MSN as a way to thwart spammers who liked to post pharmaceutical and home loan links (and others) in a variety of blogs.

This blog comment spam was seen as a big threat by the Big 3 search engines so nofollow was implemented in order that a blog would not pass on Page Rank (PR) or "link love" as some call it to these spammy sites.

Later, in an effort to combat paid links passing PR from one website to the next, Google asked webmasters everywhere to put the nofollow tag on paid links or suffer the consequences of having their own page's PR devalued.

But, now a community of rebellious webmasters and bloggers have adopted a rejectionist policy towards nofollow and are implementing the dofollow tag on their sites. The "dofollow" is a tag in name only as it is really just the removal of the nofollow tag from posts.

Now, why would one want to remove the nofollow tag from posts? First, if you want an active community on a blog or message board, you may want to reward people for taking the time to post. There are even some Wordpress Dofollow plug-ins that award frequent posters with dofollow as opposed to less frequent posters.

Developers have now created a whole list of Wordpress dofollow plugins to aid in removing the nofollow tag along with various features and enhancements. One of the problems with removing the nofollow tag, however, is that a blog and message board once again becomes an open invitation to spammers.

Webmasters once again need to be very diligent in quickly removing posts or links from manual spammers or automated bots. There are several sites on the Internet that have long lists of dofollow blogs with more added everyday, so that people know where to go to get their link love fix.

Many additional webmasters everyday are deciding to follow dofollow in order to encourage the growth of their online communities. Expect this trend to continue and adopt many followers along the way.

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