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SEO Code of Ethics

SEO Code of Ethics is a standard that is wise to spell out for search engine optimization companies on the Internet. The SEM industry has so many shady characters that having an SEO Code of Ethics explained on one's website is essential so that the consumer will know what the SEO expert will and will not do in order to achieve top rankings.

The SEO Code of Ethics that SEO Expert abides by can be found on both the SEMPO and websites.

The one basic of the SEO Code of Ethics that can be found on those sites and this site is this: First, do no harm.

This means do no harm to your own SEO business legally or as far as reputation is concerned and first do no harm to your customer's web businesses legally or in reputation. Also, do no harm as far as getting a client's website penalized or banned by the search engines is in our SEO Code of Ethics as well.


SEO Code of Ethics SEO Expert PDQ

SEO Expert will not engage in any of the following activities:

1. Cloaking
2. Spamming
3. Hidden text
4. Hidden Doorway pages
5. Machine-generated pages
6. Unsafe redirects
7. Link exclusions

There are always ethical dilemmas that pop up when doing business and these are just a few of the publicized black hat or gray hat techniques that SEO Expert PDQ will not engage in.











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