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Besides SEO Expert delivering its own articles to you, we have decided to bring you what the other SEO experts in the field have to say about search engine optimization and the search engines in general. Hey, we're not the only resource for what is happening with the search engines and we know it. So, instead of being territorial, SEO Expert wants to put you, our customer first and bring you first rate articles with the latest happens within the search engine optimization industry. So, read a few of our guest articles and check back often as we're constantly updating this section.

Top 5 PPC Copywriting Tips: Write clear and concise ad copy that tells the potential customers exactly what they will find after the link is clicked. Since you have to pay cash for each and every click, you want to limit the clicks to those people who are truly interested in what you're offering. - Hamoon Arbabi

More Ways to SPAM: I highly recommend that anyone using CSS techniques to SPAM, on their or client’s Sites immediately desist. Site owners hold ultimate responsibility for what occurs on their Site. Site owners should immediately check with your Webmaster, Website Marketing or SEO company to make sure they are not deploying CSS Spam techniques on their Site, to protect themselves in this coming update. - Ken Webster

The Business Side of Search Engines: All major search engines claim that they strive to present search results to users with the highest quality. But the business of search engine is business. What they won't tell us is that there're many business reasons for every major search engine updates. - Bruce Zang

Creating Site Maps: Sitemaps are without doubt one of the most often ignored and undervalued aspects of search engine optimization. You've probably spent a huge amount of time working on pages of original content, keyword density and getting incoming links but never once spared a thought for a sitemap for your new creation. - Niall Roche

Avoid SEO Blunders: If you want to develop a successful search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, go out of your way to avoid blunders that limit rankings. Learn the top 10 mistakes that many webmasters and SEO make and how to fix them. - Michael Murray

Google Sandboxing Links: More and more people are realising the importance of links back to your site (or “backlinks”). For some time, companies have been engaging in all sorts of link campaigns designed to generate thousands of backlinks. Many of these campaigns haven’t really paid too much attention to the context or lifespan of these links. And Google knows it. - Glenn Murray

SEO Scams: Don’t get me wrong. I do believe in SEO firms, and because of the success I’ve been having on some of my top search terms, may engage in that business myself someday. But after researching the issues carefully, I would warn fellow webmasters to beware of any SEO firm that ... Cari Haus

SEO Outsourcing: We are often asked if professional SEO (search engine optimization) can be done effectively utilizing in-house talent. Despite our obvious self-interests on the subject, our answer is always a qualified "yes"- you can achieve professional SEO results using existing talent.


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