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SEO Pricing

SEO Expert PDQ offers competitive pricing for all of our search engine optimization services. Because SEO Expert PDQ is a small firm with low overhead, the best prices in town can be given. If you receive a lower price quote for the same services from another search engine optimization company, send it in and SEO Expert PDQ will meet or beat it.

SEO Expert PDQ does not offer cookie cutter pricing as web businesses differ so much but what SEO Expert can offer is ballpark pricing. Because SEO Expert PDQ works with mainly small to medium-sized web businesses, the charges for optimization generally run between $600 - $1800 depending upon the size of the website, number of pages to optimize, newness of the site and many other factors.

SEO Expert PDQ also will work on an hourly basis for $75 per hour. Some people prefer this method for small tweaks to their websites.

If you've looked around, you will already know that SEO Expert's pricing is very competitive. So, now is a good time to contact SEO Expert PDQ for a price quote for your own website.

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