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Say No to Off-Shore SEO

Some website owners want to save a buck (of course) and go off-shore to get their SEO work done. But, I will show why this is not a good idea.

Here are 3 examples of unsolicited SEO emails that I received minutes apart in the same day:

"We have a dedicated team of 40 professionals to serve you. We provide the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM solution with top ranking on major search engine as Google, Yahoo and MSN as per the current status of website and requirement."

"We are a Delhi-NCR, India based, and leading Web Solutions company with main competency in SEO ( Search Engine Optimization), working as an outsourced vendor for many reputed SEO agency based in USA, UK, Canada and Australia."

"We are a team of 24 dedicated and experienced Internet Marketers and also we are delighted to talk to you about winning new business from the major search engines ethically and effectively to our clients. There are 500 satisfied customers and 15 ongoing clients in USA, UK, Australia, Canada and western country also. We don't use any type of software for work. We are providing guaranteed results within specified time frame without compromising on quality. From now also we are going to serve our resellers by doing their ethical SEO and take them the best SEO Company all over the world."


So, I'm sure you get these emails in your inbox as well. The emails are from people supposedly from India, Romania, The Philippines and elsewhere outside of the U. S. They say they have been doing search engine optimization for over 10 years which is false because I have been doing SEO this long, there were very few of us at that time, and the off-shore people really didn't start making inroads until 2005 or so.

Another peril I want to point out is that fact that many times you'll receive an email from a supposed off-shore SEO company that doesn't have a physical address, phone number or even website in which to contact them through. They may have a Gmail email account or Yahoo or another free account.

An off-shore SEO company with no website is a red flag that should not be ignored. If you can't check out what they say, then how do you trust them? If they don't have a testimonials page that link to real, happy customers then how do you know they do a good job.

Also, when you go off-shore you take the risk of sending the SEO firm your money and never hearing from them again. You may just be making an upfront payment, but it doesn't matter since a fly-by-night operation isn't interested in completing the job, only getting any money they can out of you.

If you think using Paypal or your credit card protects you, the short answer is maybe. And this discussion is too long and involved to put here. In addition, what if you hire the off-shore company to do a job for you and nothing happens in the results?

Are you sure they did the link-building they said they did? Can they verify this? If you use a tool such as Google Analytics at least you can measure the increased traffic after the SEO job is done. Does your off-shore business either send you these reports or set up an account so that you can check the stats yourself?

Now, I'm not saying that all off-shore operations are shady. What I am saying is that you can easily spend more time and money in finding a legitimate off-shore operation than you would in hiring a company such as ours in the first place.

The choice is yours. Do you want to waste time and money doing it the wrong way or do you want to get started down the right path right away? Call or email us for a free quote.



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