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Search Engine Optimization for the Soul

If you've read some of the "For The Soul" books (such as Chicken Soup for the Soul) you will realize how uplifting they can be. Search engine optimization itself can be very uplifting for the businessperson's soul.

Take for instance a struggling stay at home mom who needs to develop an Internet business so that she can continue to stay at home with her kids while running her business. Or take the man who wants to retire and open up a small online fishing tackle business to run in his retirement. Or think about the thousands, if not millions of entrepreneurs who wish to stop working for "The Man" and start working for themselves.

In all of these examples and more, search engine optimization can make their dreams come true. By optimizing their websites for the search engines and gaining quality, relative back links, they will gain targeted traffic that will greatly increase their chances of succeeding online. And success is very uplifting.

Sometimes in life we struggle just to get out of our own way. We will try very hard to make things happen but because of some internal obstacles, we will actually put barriers in front of us and then wonder why we cannot get around them. In the same thought, many people resist search engine optimization for many and various reasons. One reason people resist search engine optimization is because they don't understand it. If they don't understand something, then they avoid it.

Others resist search engine optimization for their websites because it has been an overwhelming learning experience to try and self-educate or because they've heard that there are some shady characters doing SEO and they don't wish to be taken to the cleaners or they've heard that search engine optimization is too expensive. These are all legitimate concerns, but should not become barriers that get in the way of optimizing one's website. Turning to organizations such as or can solve most of these concerns.

The process of search engine optimization itself can be a great growth experience. We go from being new and green and a bit overwhelmed and fearful to being calm, knowledgeable and successful. Search engine optimization is not an overnight journey as there is much to learn along the way. But, the journey is certainly worth it. The light at the end of the tunnel is the sun of success. Are you ready to begin your journey?

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