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  White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is search engine optimization that is above board and doesn't use any form of trickery in regard to a website's visitors or the search engines. Now, make no mistake, Black Hat SEO can deliver top results to clients and make search engine optimizers lots of money.

By cloaking and other software-related trickery such as spoofing back links, Black Hat SEOs can deliver the results that clients have been seeking. Unless they get caught. The downside of Black Hat SEO is that if the methods are not one-step ahead of the search engines always, then when these methods are detected the website can get penalized or banned indefinitely.

White Hat SEO does not carry the inherent risks as the black hats do. When engaging in White Hat SEO, one is on an even playing field with other search engine optimization experts who are trying to get their clients top rankings. The black hats try to tip the scales to their advantage by tricking the search engines into delivering top rankings to a website.

White hats tend to do the same successful techniques over and over again including keyword research, competition analysis, on-page optimization, targeting link-building and results tracking. These tried and true methods have worked since the 1990s and they work today. Black hats, however, need to keep reinventing themselves and the methods they use and keep one-step ahead of the Johnny Law search engines.

Some white hats turn black out of frustration, when they fail to compete with the rest of the crowd. Some white hats also go over to the dark side because of greed. The reality is that there can be much more money to be made by going over to the dark side.

But, in the end the Luke Skywalker white hats will always defeat the Darth Vader black hats because the search engine force will most assuredly catch up and the bad guys always get it in the end. Until the sequel comes out, that is.

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